Strange Dog Follows Hikers In The Forest, Then They See What’s Written On His Collar

It was a cold day when Scott Brown and his wife began the long, 7-mile hike up to Washington’s popular Teneriffe Falls. The ground was covered in snow and they paused every so often to take photographs, but nothing could have prepared them for the arrival of an unexpected companion!

Just ahead of them, Brown and his wife thought they saw a bear at the head of the trail. Upon closer inspection, it was not a bear, but a large, fluffy black dog. Thinking nothing of it, as the pup seemed quite comfortable and happy, they moved on.

But that wasn’t the last they saw of the four-legged cutie! The dog soon began to follow them and eventually cut ahead of them, jogging in front at a distance. Sometimes, he was a mere few feet away, and others, he dashed far ahead and out of sight.

But whatever the case, the dog would sit and wait for them as they took pictures, took in the sights, and paused for breath, and once they caught up with him, he would take off again.

As the couple arrived at their destination, Brown took the time to snap a selfie or two with the pup, and also tried to find out more about him. When he finally located a very scuffled tag hanging from the dog’s collar, he was surprised and amused!

The tag said that the dog’s name was Smokey and that he lived nearby and sometimes liked to follow hikers going on treks to the waterfall. According to the tag, he would go home once he was tired and had a loving family back home, so there was no need to worry about him!

Eventually, Brown and his wife began the hike back down, with Smokey taking the lead as usual. When they arrived at their car and stopped to change shirts, Smokey turned and walked across the road towards a nearby neighborhood, giving them one farewell bark. Needless to say, the couple felt lucky to have had such an adorable and special tour guide that day!

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